Fuel Services

Fuel Services

Please be advised that all aircraft will require an appropriate Fuel Grade Decal clearly displayed adjacent to the aircraft refueling point. If the aircraft does not display the appropriate Decal our Ground Operations Team will be unable to carry out your refuel request.

This policy is being introduced by Senior Management to further reduce any possibility of aircraft “misfuelling” with the obvious potential consequences.

If you require Fuel Grade Decals, they will be available for purchase from our Customer Services Desk @ £1.80 each +VAT.

London Ashford Airport can provide both Jet A1 and Avgas via our dedicated mobile Fuel Bowsers.

  • Available 0830 -1830 local (1845 by prior arrangement).
  • Types: Avgas100LL, Jet A1 F34 (FSII) and Jet A1 F35
  • All dispensed from mobile bowsers. No fixed pumps
  • FSII additive is available. Various oil grades
  • Duty-free Avgas for departing foreign
  • AEG Fuel Cards accepted for payment
  • Enquiries +44 (0)1797 322400

Current Fuel prices for JANUARY 2024 (Subject to change throughout the month).

  • Avgas £2.04 ppl + 20% VAT
  • Avgas Duty-Free £1.68 ppl + 20% VAT
  • Avtur £1.07 ppl + 5% VAT